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Armenia is unique country for paragliding because there are about 300 sunny days during the year, the country itself is mountainous, and there are numerous take off places.

If the weather is not flyable in one place, it’s flyable in other place. There are localities almost everywhere, there is no worry to land in the middle of nowhere, mountains are safe for flying, most of them have roads for 4×4 cars. Paragliding is a developing sport in Armenia, so still there are virgin places for paragliding where nobody has ever flown.

We will do our best to get you to the right place on the right day considering your experience level. You will never start alone as one member of our team always launches the last. 

We always brief you about the landing field, the launch and the XC possibilities. We make sure you are informed and looked after. Each member of our staff has first-aid skills! We will take care of ALL aspects of your holiday from the minute you arrive at the airport to the minute you depart. We organize everything from accommodation, transport, to PG guiding and retrieves.

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