If you are in Armenia – in the country of rocky mountains, then you shouldn’t miss your chance of looking inside that mountains. 

Let’s explore one of the these two magnificent mountain caves together. 

Mozrov cave, which is about 700 meters long, was opened by some hikers only 30 years ago. With its vast diversity of inside formations: stalactites, stalagmites, cave bacon, columns, flow-stone, draperies, and rim stone dams, it is considered as one of the best in Europe. Those natural geological formations, saturated in colour, make it a unique and glorious place to visit. 

In the province of Vayots Dzor, about 3km away from the Arpi village is located the biggest cave of South Caucasus – the Bears’ cave or as the locals call it the Archeri qarandzav, which was found by hunters in 1978. As there were lots of bear bones inside the cave, it started to be called Bear’s cave. With its depth of over 3 kilometers and its 3500m length, this striking cave is considered to be the deepest and longest in Armenia. As the cave was formed by calcite, it is full of colorful stalactite and stalagmite formations, which make it a magnificent place. The narrow passageways inside the cave to pass through which visitors can only crawl will make this adventure completely joyful.


25,000 ֏
  • Transportation
  • Hard-hats, gloves and flashlights
  • Professional instructor


  • We gather at Hostel Glide located at 16/1 Kalents street.
  • The road to location takes around 2 hours.

Stop at Noravank monastery.

We will enjoy lunch surrounded by peaceful mountains.

Lunch boxes will be provided.

The group experiences caving in the natural  cave.

The relaxed and satisfied group returns to Yerevan.