Dimats Ler

Dimats Ler

Get ready for an awesome 4×4 ride to Mount Dimats, an amazing peak in the Tavush region of Armenia. This adventure is perfect for nature lovers and those who crave excitement, and the best part – no need for walking, just hop into our tough 4×4 vehicles.

Your journey kicks off as you climb into our sturdy 4x4s, ready to tackle the bumpy terrain leading to the viewpoint of Mount Dimats. This mountain, standing tall at 2378 meters in the Ijevan Mountains, gives you a jaw-dropping view just 5 km north of Teghut village. You’ll see the rugged walls of the Ijevan Mountains from the comfort of your off-road ride – no need for strenuous trekking.

As you cruise through the winding paths, you’ll soak in the stunning scenery and discover the unique charm of the area. The whole adventure unfolds within the expansive “Dilijan National Park,” proving Armenia’s dedication to preserving its natural treasures.

When you reach the viewpoint, take a moment to soak in the mountain vibes. Appreciate the beauty that unfolds before you.

The Mount Dimats 4×4 Expedition isn’t just a drive; it’s a journey into the heart of Armenia’s natural wonders. Every twist and turn of the wheels celebrates the untamed beauty of this remarkable region. Join us for an adventure that will give you memories against the stunning backdrop of Mount Dimats and the Ijevan Mountains, all enjoyed from the comfy seats of our rugged 4×4 vehicles.

  • Full Day Adventure
  • Jeeping
  • Tea & Coffee break on the Top
  • Drone Shooting

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