Part 1. Why Armenia?

Since last year I have begun to study the location and the weather in these places where it is possible to fly on weekends: fly and taste new places. Delineate the range of airplane in the vicinity of 2-3 hours, and it turns out: Europe – huge option of moving to different places, Russia – not so much.
I decided that first I will cover Russia or correct to say post-Soviet part of the world. Well, then gradually try the European Paragliding part.

Just then Armen began to throw off his flights and videos. And I was hooked by Armenia. Finally, I decided to fly to Armenia on holidays in May. I was keeping in touch with Armen, and everything went O.K.
At that time, Toha started to learn and fly in Georgia, and also decided to go to Armenian in May. Decided for 100 percent to fly to Armenia in May. I was not alone, we even bought the tickets, but …. the cyclone came for the all period of holidays, and we regretted the liver, as we had an aim to visit the cognac factory Ararat, and handed the tickets. It was pity.
Toha didn’t spend the time in vain, and started to fly in Armenia, he was posting his tracks are increasingly forced to dive every morning and read his new messages. As a result, we bought tickets for the weekend to Armenia.

And my just arrived new Mentor 3 wing was pushing me out from hot Moscow.