Snowkiting school

Sky Club invites everyone to learn snowkiting. All you need is just desire. If you have it, then boring and dull winter days will turn into an exciting adventure filled with adrenaline. 

Snowkiting is an outdoor winter sport where people use kite power to glide on snow or ice. It is a thrilling sport that is currently gaining popularity in Armenia. Snowkiting will be a real discovery for you: you will no longer care about the state of ski slopes, queues for ski lifts and non-budget subscriptions on weekends. Conquer the vast expanses of snow-marked fields and frozen ponds! 

If you have never held a kite in your hands we suggest that you complete the full training course. The learning process is individual – 1 student-1 instructor. From the 11th phase of the training the student is equipped with radiocommunication with the instructor: this is a guarantee of your safety and saving your time. The learning process is built on a “step by step” system, i.e. we move gradually from simple parts to complex ones. After the successful completion of this course, you will master all the basic techniques of kite management necessary for safe independent skating. 

Necessary equipment for training: snowboard or ski suit, ski face mask or sunglasses, protection (knee pads, elbow pieces, protective shorts), snowboard boots and snowboard

Course description

  • 1. Preparing the kite for launch
  • 2. Studying the equipment and its sequrity system
  • 3. The theory of the wind window and the basics of kite management
  • 4. The development of kite management skills
  • 5. The activation of the security system
  • 6. The lifting and landing of the kite
  • 7. Safety rules when lifting and landing the kite
  • 8. Studying the theory of the start and movement on a snowboard
  • 9. Exercises preparing to start
  • 10. Training of the start
  • 11. Training of the movement with right and left tacks
  • 12. Speed control
  • 13. Changing the tack
  • 14. The theory of walking against the wind
  • 15. Learning the rules of safe behaviour
  • 16. Studying the rules of descrepancies



23.000 ֏
  • Duration-1 hour
  • All necessary equipment renting
  • Professional instructor

Snowkiting School

Amazing experience for complete beginners

125.000 ֏
  • Duration-6 hour
  • All necessary equipment renting
  • Professional instructor