the pilot course

want to learn?

Learning to paraglide for beginners is fun and easy with our paragliding courses. This paragliding course is for complete novices and is the first step in getting qualified, (international certification level 2). The course primarily focuses on learning the essential skills to safely take off and land. 

You will then fairly quickly progress onto short solo flights learning a number of various skills in the air and by the end of your week you can already expect to be enjoying long solo flights of up to 25 minutes in length. 

the pilot course

From paragliding beginner to competently flying solo.

390000 ֏
  • Duration of 10 - 16 days, depending on weather
  • 10 days tuition and rental of paragliding equipment
  • Both theoretical and practical (flights) courses
  • One tandem flight with instructor
  • National paragliding license
  • For groups of 2-4

the course

 Learning to paraglide with us here in Armenia means taking advantage of our excellent weather conditions and high mountains so that you get maximum airtime! Because of this we are able to guarantee that you can complete your syllabus in under 2 weeks!

This is an extremely fun course and almost entirely a practical with theory. The first two days are spent ground training learning to take-off safely with a small amount of theory….all with the aim of getting you flying solo as soon as possible.

To become a certified paraglider you need to complete a full 16-day course which is the quickest and easiest way to learn paragliding and to finish with a qualification allowing you to fly solo.