Paragliding Tours:Your Next Destination

Paragliding is the most practical way to live amongst the clouds and soar like a bird. It is one of the most extraordinary experiences you should try. Especially when you are in Armenia, paragliding is a superior way to take in the wonders of this mountainous land. 

Are you wondering which are the best paragliding destinations in Armenia? Have a read of this post and then start planning your trip, you’ll love it. 

Spectacular Paragliding Destinations to Explore

Paragliding in Armenia is usually done in six flying sites, all within 1.5-hour drive of the capital of Armenia.


One of the most enchanting spots for paragliding activities in Armenia is near Lake Sevan, in the heart of the Gegharkunik region. Mount Artanish, with a height of 2461 meters, is on a headland on the north-eastern shore of the lake. It’s not difficult to reach the launching place. You can take either the ropeway or 4WD vehicle, which Sky Club will provide . 

This location is one of the most suitable paragliding destinations for those who want to indulge in dynamic soaring owing to the long mountain range. The summit offers a thrilling view of the place where Big and Little Sevan interfere. This is the only place from where the whole view of the pearl of Armenia – Sevan Lake will be unfolded before you. The panoramic scenery of the Geghama Mountain chain embracing the turquoise water will make the adventurous paragliding tour more enjoyable. 


Another beautiful spot in Armenia where paragliding activities are available in the Mount Teghenis.  The site is oriented for southern, northern and western winds. The cloud base reaches 5400 meters from time to time. The place is not at a long distance from Yerevan – about 40 km. So maximum one and a half hours will be demanded to reach there. 

The summit of Mount Teghenis, which is at an altitude of 2851 meters, is higher than any of the other mountains included in Teghenyats Mountain range. The spot is mainly well known for the Tsakhkadzor ski resort. Lots of both experienced sportsmen and amateurs visit here for snowboarding, skiing, snowkiting. 

Although this site is more popular for the ski resort, the place is alive throughout the year, as many summer activities are on offer for hikers, mountaineers, aerial sports lovers, etc. 

The extraordinarily pretty nature here makes it a great place for both tandem paragliding flights and guided paragliding tours. During your paragliding flight you will get an astonishing bird’s-eye view of the adjacent lush forests, mountainsides abundant in grazing land and flower-covered slopes of Teghenyats Mountain range. Moreover, the location of the mount will also allow you to see such significant mountain summits as Ararat, Aragats, Ara, Pambac and Geghama Mountains, making the adventures more memorable.


If we talk about the best sites in Armenia to paraglide, it is compulsory to mention Vedi  as a great paragliding destination. Paragliding flights in Vedi are organized in 3 wonderful locations. They are on the hills near Shaghap, Lanjanist, and Ulgyur, where you will find limitless fields for landing. 

In this territory, you don’t need to worry about the weather, as unexpected changes scarcely happen. Precipitation is comparatively rare and the weather is usually sunny here. The long mountain range, comparatively high thermals, and enduring thermal cycles create nice conditions for great distance flying. But the location is suitable for only tandem flights or for really skillful and experienced paragliding pilots, as the air is turbulent during thermal seasons and the landscape is rocky with precipitous cliffs. 

That said, Vedi is one of the most sought-after paragliding destinations of the country. Tourists from all corners of the world come to experience this exhilarating adventure in the majestic mountains of Armenia. Being located at the eastern part of the fertile Ararat plain, these sites will allow you to get an amazing aerial view of slightly slanting, rounded hills, beautifully designed greenish agricultural fields and beyond belief sceneries of Mount Ararat.


Another extensive, blank and smooth paragliding take-off site in Armenia, which is also suitable for top landings and cross-country flights, is in the region of Aragatsotn. It is almost 50 km northwest of the capital of Armenia, at a mountain near Ttujur village. 

Here the mountain chain has a lengthy ridge, so it’s also convenient for dynamic soaring. The place is oriented for Southern winds and the cloud base sometimes gets to 5000 meters. Micrometeorology, as well, makes this place perfect for paragliding flights as it is foreseeable. Normally no unexpected weather changes happen. 

This experience will let you uncover the wonders of Armenia’s beautiful nature, as the 4 peaks of Aragats – the highest mountain in Armenia, and the biblical Ararat mountain are visible from this site. The most amazing feeling you will have when you fly along the Aparan Reservoir (pond). It’s a bizarre feeling that you will never forget. With Sky Club, you will get to this place by 4wd vehicles, which itself is an extreme adventure. Be sure, pleasant memories from this marvelous place will accompany you throughout your life.


Mount Gutan, or as locals call it Gutanasar, is the next popular paragliding destination in Armenia  It’s also very close to Yerevan, located almost 3o km far, in the Kotayk region near a beautiful village. The thermal conditions make it a very good site for not only usual tandem flights but also for XC flights. The divine views of enchanting natural surroundings here will make your paragliding flight an incredible experience.


For those who want to complement their trip with the splendor of the picturesque nature of the mountainous land – Armenia, paragliding in Hatis  in the cone-shaped mountain with countless gorges, can be one of the worthiest choices. 

The flight commences at a height of 2528 meters, making it the most exhilarating aerial excursion. The Hatis mountain is an extinct volcano located in the Kotayk region. It’s the closest high mountain to the capital of Armenia: approximately 25 km far away from the center of Yerevan. The place is especially suitable for cross-country flights, as thermals are comparatively high, thermal cycles are enduring. The relief is simple, micrometeorology and aerology are foreseeable, and surprise changes in weather hardly ever happen. So as you can see, this is one of the best places for enjoying long-lasting paragliding flights

The name of the mountain originated from a heathen god Attis, who was the god of death and rebirth. Another name of the mount – Shamiram, also comes from mythology. During your trip, your tandem pilot will also introduce you to all the legends associated with this paragliding destination making your experience more fascinating.  

So, as you can see, if you are ready to convert to high-mountain paragliding, Armenia is the perfect place to baptize. 

Paragliding Flight Provider

If you wonder whom you should trust to organize your paragliding adventure in Armenia, be sure Sky Club is a good choice! 

You might be a person with no flying experience wishing to try something new or a professional paragliding pilot looking to fly somewhere new and thrilling. Either way, Sky Club has an offer for you. 

Sky Club is an expert in tandem paragliding flights. It specializes in all types of paragliding holidays and courses. You can enjoy the scenic views of Armenia’s untouched nature, experience extraordinarily beautiful views of spectacular landscapes, turquoise water-bodies and majestic mountains with the tandem paragliding flights they offer for complete beginners. Your professional paraglider will take care of the lunch, flight and landing, so you just need to relax and enjoy the journey up in the sky. 

They also have guided tours which are aimed at qualified pilots who are looking to fly in Armenia under supervision, increase confidence as well as improve general flying skills whilst learning more about flying in the mountains. Mountains can be a very daunting place to fly and so they aim to keep you safe, make sure you get the most out of your flying and eliminate any stress from your holiday. 

Don’t forget to do extraordinary things! Life is short.